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Oleodinamica Marchesini

Oleodinamica Marchesini Srl is involved in the hydraulic field since 1982 and during this years it has always distinguished itself in the domestic and foreign market for the product’s high quality standard and for the top-customer care. Customers satisfaction is our first aim.


WAIRCOM MBS Componenti Pneumatici

WAIRCOM MBS group was created in 1993 and within the span of twenty years, has consolidated its structure, by increasing its product line and by widening its sales network, and it has thus succeeded in becoming prominent as one of today's Italian leading companies specializing in the manufacture of pneumatic components for automation. Currently WAIRCOM MBS is able to penetrate the market place thanks to the following features: a total floor area of 15.000 sqm comprising plants and offices, 3 production units conveniently located in Milan hinterland, an associate company in Turin, concessionaries and resellers on the national territory, and a constantly growing export sales network. WAIRCOM MBS commercial and administrative headquarters are located in Vizzolo Predabissi industrial area, only 15 kilometres far from Milan where WAIRCOM MBS staff, consisting of approximately 100 employers, is taking advantage of experts that includes technicians, assembly personnel and office staff; everyone, and each for his own responsibility, is focused to the complete customer satisfaction. This is in fact the mission of our company: to preserve our customers through the complete satisfaction of their specific requirements, having in our mind only to pursue the continuous improvement in the fields of productive efficiency and costs. As natural result of such policy, WAIRCOM MBS Quality Management System has been found to be in compliance with the requirements as provided in the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard  (see  copy  of  the  Quality  Management  System Certificate on the left).



Airtec srl

 The company AIRTEC have been manufacturing and distributing pneumatic tools since the beginning of years '80.
An experience spent to improve and to widen the range of professional tools, in order to guarantee a higher quality standard.
The AIRTEC's pneumatic tools are powerful, long lasting and reliable piece of equipment to provide productivity with a low maintenance cost.
AIRTEC, the professional choice.

Mintor Srl

Since 1962   is in the van of production of metal plugs and level indicators with a wide range of applications in different fields of mechanics and oildynamics.  directly addresses builders of tool machines, compressors, reducers, motor reducers, lubrication systems, building machines, road machines, soil movement and agricultural machines, machines for plate- working and all the other kinds of machines for industry.

Oleodinamica GECO s.r.l.

Since over 40 years Oleodinamica GECO s.r.l. has been producing axial pistons hydraulic motors with fixed and variable displacement, and by the course of the time, maturing its experience in this field, it always has increased its range of production. Oleodinamica GECO s.r.l. has besides since 10 years added to its product, a complete range of orbital motors: this new line is composed by about 700 different types and it is born to give good solutions, at very competitive prices, to those Customers having very high quality level requirements. For two consequent editions of Fluidtrans Compomac, either in 2000 or in 2002 exhibitions, Oleodinanica GECO s.r.l. has awarded a prize as the best Designer and Producer of an Innovative Hydroservomotor on 2000, and for a Brake Clutching advanced system on 2002, this to testify the engagement and the energy that Oleodinamica GECO s.r.l. firmly employs in Research and Development sectors.

Rebos Oleodinamica s.r.l.

Our factory produces oil-pressure cylinders, its aim is to evolve with the passing of the time and its presence on the market dates back to 1980, always cooperating with well-established firms, both in agricultural and construction industry. Nowadays, the estate inclusive of offices and warehouse is on a 4.000 mq area. At the moment, we work with a staff including 30 employees, among whom there are one administration manager, one foreign manager end one technical manager. We can rely on machine tools with numerical control and data-processing centre. Our internal organization succeeds in reaching a current production of about 6.000 cylinders in different size every month. The double-effect, simple-effect and plunging  cylinders are made on design and according Your demands, with different mechanical and component features. Every production phase is overseen with great attention by qualified technicians and, on Your demand, we carry out a final control by testing the cylinders with a control unit that can reach a 500 bar effort pressure. Whether would it be interesting for You, we will make it our job to organize a meeting so as to submit our best quotations to You.